Brantford Artisans' Village
Good Things are Made in Brantford!


Artisans' Village


We are in the midst of rejuvenating one of Brantford's oldest still-standing industrial sites to create a vibrant, exciting
community of artisans!


Artisans' Village Artist's Rendering

Please join us as our vision unfolds!
Located in the West Brant community of Brantford, Ontario, we are rejuvenating the site historically known as 'The Cordage', which sprawls over 13 acres of land, and bringing new life to 200,000 square feet of building space. At one time the largest manufacturer of twine in the British Empire, we are proud to rejuvenate new life into Brantford's amazing industrial past at the historical factory, Brantford Cordage. Plenty of free parking will be available for customers and visitors to visit the site and see all things creative, trendy and unique all in one place! Work has already begun and continues to progress daily!


Good Things are Made in Brantford!


Our Village already includes:


~ Upscale Gently-Used Clothing Boutique

~ Private Music Studio

~ Martial Arts Studio Take Classes!

~ Rope and Twine Maker

~ Independent Boutique Publishing House

~ Printer

~ Call Centre

~ Custom Furniture Creator

~ Bookkeeper/Office Outsourcing Venue

~ Fitness & Yoga Studio Take Classes!

~ Crossfit Venue Take Classes!

~ Photography Studio

~ Candle Maker

~ Community Services

~ Industrial Pattern Maker

~ Communications Company

~ Custom Home Builder/Renovator

~ Vintage Motorcycle Rejuvenator

~ Residential/Commercial Master Electrician

~ Esthetics Spa

~ Micro Brewery

~ Real Estate Offices

~ Brantford Potters Guild Take Classes!

~ Residential/Commercial Plumbing Services

   ~ Minor Baseball Association

~ Retail Liquidation Outlets

~ General Retail Merchandise

~ Gently Used Furniture &
Household Goods Retail Shop

~ Small Manufacturers

~ Event Venue with In-House Catering

~ We still have space for larger businesses to set up shop!

- Now zoned for Retail Venues!

- We are pretty much filled up right now for every space which is already constructed, other than larger operations! We are now keeping a waiting list for smaller retail shops to come into a planned indoor Marketplace! Don't miss out! Meet with us today to see if your business is a fit for our site


Join us! - Call 519-759-5800 or email


Please see our NEWS section to keep up to date with any announcements!


Stay tuned for more updates on our rejuvenation project, new tenants and new initiatives by visiting our website regularly!


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Artisans' Village



Good Things are Made in Brantford!

Please visit again soon!

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