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March 31, 2017 @ 9:08 AM

How time flies! Fast forward 3 years from the last entry to find many changes at Brantford Artisans' Village! A large sign has been erected, some landscaping, parking, and curbing, some outdoor lighting and security systems, roof repairs, more units created, more infrastructure type things, and the list goes on.

While some of our tenants have come and gone and will continue to do so, the site is full at this time! We've got some fabulous tenants here! We are gearing up to create an indoor marketplace with the beginning phase to include 11 shops scheduled to open in Fall 2017 with sizes ranging from 1000 sq.ft. to 2200 sq.ft. Please contact us if you are interested in getting in to this exclusive 'mall'!

Pottery classes, .........

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March 9, 2014 @ 7:00 PM

Daylight Savings Time is here! That must mean that Spring is ALMOST here, right? Has been a BRUTAL winter with subzero temps and ghastly heating bills, but hope and renewal is in the air! It may appear that not much is going on, but we're chipping away at various excellent projects. Some of our previously existing tenants have gone, while some new ones have taken their places, and some exciting new ones will be here soon! Very interesting to have the opportunity to see some of the entrepreneurial spirit and drive which exists in our City! Stay tuned for some more GOOD THINGS being made and happening in Brantford! If it seems this is going a little slower than expected, please keep in mind that this project was and continues to be a HUGE.........

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September 10, 2013 @ 10:55 AM

Thank you Dana Schultz of Your Private Gardener for your efforts in utilizing some of our land to create something good for our community! Brantford Artisans' Village donated the use of the land for this project while Dana and her crew did all of the work to build raised beds and grow beautiful vegetables for donation to our local Food Bank.

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August 23, 2013 @ 1:07 PM

It's sad that our summers have to zoom by so quickly, and here we are with little time left before things gear up for Fall and back-to-school season. This warm and sunny summer saw Sherwood Drive become repaved, and 'Eat Art' has enjoyed a wonderful growing season! We're negotiating with a few exciting businesses to make our site their home, and our rezoning application is in the works.
Soon you will begin to see a lot more action on our site as some of our major infrastructure work gets started.

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April 16, 2013 @ 12:49 PM

We're getting lots of calls from smaller Artisans in need of space and word is travelling fast by word of mouth. Our small 1000sq.ft. units are all sold out for now, and we only have mini units or larger units remaining for those needing smaller spaces. The mini units are the size of a garage, just under 300sq.ft., with windows and a man-door, with some exposed brick and drywall walls, and concrete floors. These minis are right smack in the front of our site and enjoy high visibility. Use your imagination to picture the cutest, funkiest units, with window boxes, outdoor planters, patio stones and perhaps a bench right out front! These would make an excellent space for a small one-person-shop designer, perhaps in the area of jewellery-.........

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November 29, 2012 @ 12:18 AM

A special get-together of past workers of the Brantford Cordage and their families took place on November 7th. We had several past employees and many family members come out to what is now known as Unit 25 to reminisce about their time working in one of Brantford's 'big 15' manufacturing facilities.

The evening had a very special feel to it as these proud workers came out to share some special memories and see some of their coworkers from the past. Displays were set up showing pictures of the old factory and products that were made here. We loved hearing these cherished stories, which clearly indicated how much these workers liked working at The Cordage, which in its heyday, employed up to 800 people and was the largest maker .........

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November 7, 2012 @ 7:09 AM

Well, the more visible changes have started to take place! Finally! Signs, doors, paint, windows, awnings - great stuff is starting to emerge.. of course, these changes are in addition to our more invisible initiatives such as general cleanup of the site. Perhaps pictures are worth more than words. Please see our photo page.

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September 16, 2012 @ 12:29 AM

Does time fly by for everyone the same way it does for us here at Brantford Artisans' Village? Summer is just about gone, darkness is setting in earlier, leaves are changing colour, and soon the heat will be back on! We have accomplished so much during the nice weather, we hope you will notice if you drive by! We have refurbished the large windows on the first large building on the site, more and more cleanup, tree trimming, repairs, upgrades, tenant improvements, maintenance, and the list goes on. We are still very much working on the things you can't really see, but soon you will start to notice the more aesthetically pleasing enhancements such as signage, landscaping, roadways, walkways, awnings, windows and doors.

We've .........

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June 12, 2012 @ 8:48 AM

Soon we will see the ugly boards coming off of the boarded-up windows throughout at least part of the site. We have decided to refurbish the old windows instead of buying new, so we can stick with the original industrial look as much as possible. One test window has been completed and it looks fabulous - much nicer than anything we could have purchased new (in our humble opinions)! You would be amazed at how many windows there are! Some of the boards have been removed and the resulting light inside the building is amazing! Cleanup has begun on the large space which will become the Craftsmen's Marketplace, surrounded by many small artist/artisan units.

More spaces have been reserved, work has started on creating one of three studio .........

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May 26, 2012 @ 1:35 PM

It may be difficult to tell for those of you who haven't seen our location in real life before, but LOTS of work has already been done! We've created some new smaller units to accommodate artisans, we've added amenitites, performed a LOT of clean up around the site, cleared many weed trees, made lots of repairs inside and out, fixed some roofs, and made some improvements inside. The site looks barren now since the clutter is gone and we now can start from scratch. Soon some of the more aesthetically pleasing exterior improvements will be noticed, and some more of the outside work will be completed. We'll be posting pictures here of work in progress. Stay tuned!

We have some new tenants, thrilled with their units, and .........

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