April 16, 2013 @ 12:49 PM

We're getting lots of calls from smaller Artisans in need of space and word is travelling fast by word of mouth. Our small 1000sq.ft. units are all sold out for now, and we only have mini units or larger units remaining for those needing smaller spaces. The mini units are the size of a garage, just under 300sq.ft., with windows and a man-door, with some exposed brick and drywall walls, and concrete floors. These minis are right smack in the front of our site and enjoy high visibility. Use your imagination to picture the cutest, funkiest units, with window boxes, outdoor planters, patio stones and perhaps a bench right out front! These would make an excellent space for a small one-person-shop designer, perhaps in the area of jewellery-making, native crafts, web-design, gift-basket designer, floral arrangement designer, and the list goes on! If you're an artisan working out of your house and you're at the point where you want your own dedicated studio AWAY from home at a VERY affordable price, please contact us! Please note that these mini units do not have water available, so if your art requires water, we can think of alternate solutions, and bathrooms are just 50 feet away in our main office building. A little inconvenience for a great price in a great creative community setting with high visibility!

For those requiring larger spaces, we've still got a few choice spots left for now, please contact us if interested!

We're in the process of rezoning to allow a large number of new uses! Unfortunately this process is long and expensive, but we've got great plans in the works. This is a large project being done on our own dime (read, no government handouts here!), which will span a few years in total, but those tenants that get in here early will benefit in price-point and location!

Our planned Craftsmen's Marketplace is included in our rezoning initiatives, but in the meantime, we are looking into a great temporary plan for this summer. We'll be in touch with details as they unfold, with all who have contacted us with an expression of interest!