September 16, 2012 @ 12:29 AM

Does time fly by for everyone the same way it does for us here at Brantford Artisans' Village? Summer is just about gone, darkness is setting in earlier, leaves are changing colour, and soon the heat will be back on! We have accomplished so much during the nice weather, we hope you will notice if you drive by! We have refurbished the large windows on the first large building on the site, more and more cleanup, tree trimming, repairs, upgrades, tenant improvements, maintenance, and the list goes on. We are still very much working on the things you can't really see, but soon you will start to notice the more aesthetically pleasing enhancements such as signage, landscaping, roadways, walkways, awnings, windows and doors.

We've been so busy, it's difficult to keep up, but we promise within the next month we will highlight our artisan tenants to let you know who is here and what they do, including pictures of their fabulous spaces!

This week marked the special announcement of the Brantford Arts Block joining us as our major tenant, taking 33,000 square feet of space in the first large building as you drive into the site. They have got big and fabulous plans for the renovation of their large space! The group will be opening in this location in mid spring 2013.

We have a new photography studio opening up next door to our offices, and more big plans are underway for another exciting tenant who we can't name just yet! As time goes on, it is apparent that the owner's vision of a 'Brantford scale' Distillery District for this site, will indeed come to fruition.

Stay tuned!