May 26, 2012 @ 1:35 PM

It may be difficult to tell for those of you who haven't seen our location in real life before, but LOTS of work has already been done! We've created some new smaller units to accommodate artisans, we've added amenitites, performed a LOT of clean up around the site, cleared many weed trees, made lots of repairs inside and out, fixed some roofs, and made some improvements inside. The site looks barren now since the clutter is gone and we now can start from scratch. Soon some of the more aesthetically pleasing exterior improvements will be noticed, and some more of the outside work will be completed. We'll be posting pictures here of work in progress. Stay tuned!

We have some new tenants, thrilled with their units, and keeping very busy with their craft. Our new tenants include our first 'artist', whom we are thrilled to have on board! We are working on a page where we will introduce our artisans and post pictures of their studios, and as well, perhaps some of their completed work and pictures of the artisans in action.

We're generating lots of interest and fielding many calls from an array of uses, some of them VERY interesting! We're negotiating with other potential tenants who would be perfect for our new development and hammering out the details to ensure everyone is going to be happy with their space. Once we get a few more of these tenants moved in, the site should start humming with new life.

Please know that this project is a huge undertaking and the work will take time, but we are working toward our goal of seeing a bustling community of creative people all together on our rejuvenated historical industrial site to create a destination place for people from all around! What better way to re-use and go Green!

Please feel free to add your comments! We hope that everyone will use their good manners while commenting, but if not, the settings will be changed to require approval so that we may edit out any inappropriate content!